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Focus of Prayers


Undisclosed Needs:
The Prayer Gone Unspoken

Nature of Man:
A Prayer and An Answer

Guardian Of Your Dreams:
A Prayer Of Expectancy

The Owens Diner:
A Prayer Of Sanctification

Tackling The Internet:
A Blanket of Prayer or A Hole In The Bucket?


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Undisclosed Needs:
The Prayer Gone Unspoken

Whatever the need is in any prayer request, it seems there is often a need for an auxiliary task force for the unspoken side of situations. Requests must be summarized due to the complexity of situations, or be masked due to privacy issues. And there are requests never disclosed at all for any number of reasons. However, what I find especially distressing is when I sense there have been ongoing, undisclosed needs. But a request is not made until a separate issue arises that the requestor feels is safe enough to be released to others for prayerful consideration.

Nature of Man:
A Prayer and An Answer

A Prayer and An Answer

Prayer to God

I wanted to show others
       what God means to me
But when I tried to speak
       my courage did flee
I wanted to pray
       but could not utter a word
I wanted to express God's love
       but my heart's voice has never been heard

I wanted to serve God
       to do what pleases Him
I have thought this all out
       I'm not acting on whim
I wanted to show others I care
       to somehow meet their needs
But something gets in the way
       for it is my heart that bleeds

I wanted to be wise
       to be able to discern
But God is still a mystery
       there's so much to learn
The tasks that I try
       all seem so great
My efforts aren't enough
       or they just come too late

I cried out to God
       in Heaven above
What is the problem
       why can't I show Your love?
I thought I was special
       that I should stand out
I should be better than this
       my merits I should shout

I must be so perfect
       others attention to grab
I must be so brazen
       that the Bible won't seem to be drab
I must get others to notice
       the wonder in me
Then God's glory
       maybe they will see

Answer from God

You don't have to be perfect
       no, that's not part of My plan
You don't have to be complicated
       no, you are just a simple man
Don't worry about your failures
       I know that you try
Don't worry about your weakness
       I hear your low sigh

Move forward with today
       leave yesterday behind
I will lead you each step
       you are not walking blind
Don't fuss about tomorrow
       just do your best
Lean on Me gently
       and I will do the rest

I will take you by the hand
       and lead you through life
I will pick up the pieces
       when you face strife
March boldly into action
       just give it your all
Do not be frightened
       I will catch you if you fall

You think you are inadequate
       this much is true
But every person is flawed
       it's not just you
You can be an example
       you can be in plain sight
But Jesus is THE example
       He is the true light

To show My great strength
       I wanted you weak
To show My great wisdom
       I would not let you speak
Like a man freed from his chains
       your shackles did fall
But you are not He-Man
       it was My power that did it all

When I want you to speak
       the words will be there
When I want you to act
       My love you will share
When you find that you lack
       what it takes to be bold
The Holy Spirit will fill you
       with something more precious than gold

My power and wisdom
       will make this come true
My great love and devotion
       will be apparent to you
Like water from a deep well
       My Spirit will flow
Your needs will be supplied
       and My tender mercies you will know

To prepare for your purpose
       pray to be filled with My Spirit
Listen for My voice
       expect it, and you will hear it
But you can't just sit back
       waiting for glory
Study the Bible
       it tells the rest of this story

Guardian Of Your Dreams:
A Prayer Of Expectancy

Dear Heavenly Father,

Guide my thoughts as I extend this prayer to those reading this today.

I am watching the dreams that you carry in your hands. I will scoop them up and place them back in your hands should you drop them. And I will cup my hands around yours to hold them in place. I will listen for the voice of your dreams as they cause your heart to beat with purpose, with a drive and a passion you have never known before.

If that voice becomes too faint for my ears to hear from a distance, I will lean my head forward until close enough to hear even the stillest and smallest of voices. And the Holy Spirit will revive that voice. The Holy Spirit will amplify that voice, your voice, and you will ring out in joyous harmony with those around you.

Your voice will be heard. Your dreams will become reality. God has planted the seed for those dreams in your heart. From a seed that has died, new life will spring forth.

And most importantly, if your spirit starts to waiver, if you become discouraged and want to give up, if someone deceives you and leaves a telltale spirit behind, I will know. I will shoo away the doubt in your mind... the darkness in your soul... the coldness in your heart.

These things I pray you for today. May God's Spirit guide you, empower you, and protect you.

In Christ's Name we pray, Amen

The Owens Diner:
A Prayer Of Sanctification

The Owens Diner was owned and operated by a Christian named Mr. Owens (hence, The Owens Diner). Mr. Owens had a men’s Bible study and fellowship time each Saturday morning at the café, which I attended for some time.

One Friday evening, during my prayer time, I took a notion to pray for The Owens Diner building, to sanctify it for the Bible study the next morning. I was standing in my bedroom with my hands raised and began praying about the building. I just thought I should “clear the air” in the building so nothing would tarnish the Bible study.

I was above the building looking down over it and asked God to send four angels. They were to be placed at each of the four corners of the building (four directions) to stand guard to make sure my work there to sanctify the building was not interrupted.

Then I was in the empty building praying. A mighty rush of wind sprang forth from inside me and filled the building. The sound resonated throughout the building, like it had its own life force. Like a tornado, the wind was fierce and powerful. Also as a tornado has a calm eye, the wind was quiet, calm and gentle. The wind was strong enough to blow through all areas of the building and knock over anything that resisted it, sweeping all obstacles out of the building. Yet, as powerful as the wind was, it did not disturb the paper napkins on the tables. It had purpose and direction.

Then a flow of living water welled up inside me and flowed out. The water was like a mighty tidal wave, capable of cleansing the building from all impurities no matter how large or how small. But, just as the wind was fierce and gentle, so was the water. The water also did not disturb the napkins on the tables. Even though the water completely engulfed the building, nothing in the building was actually wet. It had purpose and direction.

Then a flame was lit inside me. The flame grew larger and larger until it burst out into the building. It refined the areas, burning off impurities as dross is skimmed from gold. It had purpose and direction. Toward the end of the prayer, all three elements coexisted in the building at the same time, to provide a triple whammy to the enemy.

Then I was satisfied that the task was complete and was done praying. When I later went to bed, saying my “Good Night, God” Prayer, an idea popped into my head. I assumed the building was empty because it was after hours, but I wondered what if someone had been in the building when I was praying?

When I went to the Bible study the next morning I had quite a surprise. Mr. Owens said he was in terrible turmoil the night before at the restaurant. He was discouraged and disheartened. He felt such a burden and a sense of failure that he was considering closing the restaurant. But then, he said, he felt something take away his discouragement and doubt. Then he was uplifted and felt a joy and a peace. The turmoil had ended. I asked him when this happened. It was the same time I had been praying.

Tackling The Internet:
Blanket of Prayer or A Hole In The Bucket?

The Internet is often seen as a vehicle to unite the regions of the world into one vast communications network. Some see this as a method of collecting data, for making decisions. Some use it merely for profit. Some to promote their agendas. But to many, the Internet is not about anything so structured, well thought out, and intentional. The Internet is seen as a social network. An electronic gathering place, or watering hole, much as the water cooler at an office or a barroom depict people coming together, outside the control of organized society, and into an area where they are free to express themselves as individuals, not as a corporate conglomerate. In other words, they seek companionship.

Many would question the success of the Internet as a social network. Yes, people can always find someone to chat with, or to laugh along with (or at) on message boards, blogs, video-sharing sites such as youtube, or at feature-laden social-networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. But when any of these avenues are set up for a purpose, they usually fail to reach the goals of those establishing them. Again, the motivation of individual people rules out over the desires of the site founders. People come to meet others like themselves, if they come at all.

Sometimes getting people together IS the goal of a site. But the members of the community usually dictate the direction of the site, not the founders of the community. I suppose in a democracy, that is how it should work. But if you have a specific goal in mind for a site, it is generally not the intention of opening the mission up to the general forum for it to cast votes, as in a survey poll, for the purpose of the site. The ballot might influence the flavor and method of delivery, but generally will not change the objectives themselves.

Organized, structured attempts are often futile in shaping our impressions, attitudes and behavior. Yes, the influence may be there, but not always with the expected results. But one thing you can count on is the effect of "forwards". These are usually thought of as fascinating tidbits forwarded through email, meant to encourage, amuse, or rile up the other readers on down the line. Or things posted on message boards or in multimedia format on more current social networks.

I am intrigued by what effect these forwards, when hoaxes, have on the Kingdom of God. When people respond to misinformation, naturally their intentions become misguided. People act out, responding to specific stimuli. But more times than not, the instigator is not really trying to influence the minds of people. They just want to see what they can get away with. What fools are naive enough to take to heart their tricks.

Indeed, they sit there laughing at those they have duped, in their smug little worlds of self aggrandizement with distorted measures of achievement. A less sophisticated category of hackers, who invade websites, not so much for personal gain as to merely prove they have the prowess to pull off the stunt. Usually to trick people, to make fun at them, and glory in their pranks and deviant behavior

There is no lack of sampling of the types of email forwards I am talking about. I have selected two examples that have recently found their way into my Inbox. The Internet is a great amusement park attraction. People love to scare themselves. Like going on rides that make you scream, watching movies that make you jump, thinking about disasters that may never happen.

Example #1
Please PRAY for those involved with this movie. They NEED JESUS. All of us were once lost. And people prayed for us.

This is a disgusting attack from the enemy. He's "like" a roaring lion..but he has NO TEETH. He uses people to do his dirty work. He use to use me.

They are ignorant of his schemes. We were once where they are now. PLEASE PRAY for their salvation.

Bind this attack. We HAVE authority in JESUS NAME!


INFO on forthcoming film:

The movie Corpus Christi is due to be released this June to August.

This disgusting film set to appear in America later this year and it depicts Jesus and his disciples as homosexuals! As a play, this has already been in theatres for a while. It's called Corpus Christi ' which means 'The Body of Christ'. It's a revolting mockery of our Lord. But, we can make a difference. That's why I am sending this e-mail to you. If you do send this around, we may be able to prevent this film from showing in America and South Africa .

Apparently, some regions in Europe have already banned the film. We need a lot of prayers and a lot of e-mails.

As a Christian I want to take a stand in what I believe in and stop the mockery of Jesus Christ our Savior.

Example #2
Islam will overwhelm Christendom unless Christians recognize the demographic realities, begin reproducing again, and share the gospel with Muslims. (Muslims will take over the world.)

I use these examples to ponder the focus of prayer. When we respond to hoaxes, with our time, energy, and prayers, are these spiritual resources wasted? Do they represent a setback, or at least a lack of advancement, for the Kingdom of God?

When we pray, we are releasing (are summoning or petitioning or inviting better words?) God's power into the physical and spiritual realms. Is this power wasted when we direct it at nonexistent or misunderstood causes? I know, God has enough resources He won't run out. But our resources, as people, do become exhausted and depleted.

So has God's Kingdom suffered from people using what God offers them unwisely? Or does God know our intentions and it evens out in the end? He takes care of things? And is Satan still intimidated, even if we bark up the wrong tree, because he realizes there ARE Christians who will to take him to task and fight for turf in the battlegrounds for struggling over lost souls?

Can the Internet be used to blanket the world with your prayers? To find new destinations in far off lands to minister to? And even to make contact with actual people or groups of people and touch their lives specifically by praying for, and providing for, specific needs? Not just to spread out spiritual power randomly to those in need, but to actually allow the Holy Spirit to guide your prayers and target those in need? Perhaps even bringing those needs directly to you for you to pray on. You go to them, or they can come to you. Sometimes through physical contact using the Internet as a conduit or media. sometimes using a Internet merely as a focusing mechanism for people to reach out spiritually through unseen forces connecting with unseen recipients.

Are hoaxes a diversionary tactic Satan uses to keep us busy (wasting our time) with things that don't matter? (Maybe he gets a kick out of tricking us.) If so, do these hoaxes actually have any impact on the final outcome of a Spiritual Warrior's Intercessory Prayers?

We are to pray for God's will to be done. Are our prayers more powerful when we can actually recognize what the specific context of His will is in our prayers?

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I created my first "site" on AOL's home page feature in 1998. It was called "Finally Free! Articles for Christian Living" for screen name FinallyFreeinJC. I took the articles from these AOL pages and moved them to the His Love Shines site.

The domain name of this site (Finally Free Forever) is an extension of my old Finally Free! AOL home page. Not only are we finally free. We are Finally Free Forever.

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My Other Sites

His Love Shines: The Ministry for Christian Discovery

The articles section of this site contains a collection of articles I wrote for my church's weekly newsletter. I was asked to write these articles to encourage Sunday School attendance. As time passed, it became apparent that God had some other objectives in mind, as well. And I have used the Internet to expand the length and depth of my writings.

These articles are a diary of my own personal experiences. It is also a chronology of the spiritual growth I have seen taking place in other Christians around me.

The subject matter for these articles ranges from the importance of Bible study and prayer to participation at church, witnessing, and ways to share Christ's love. I pray that you will be blessed by reading these articles. I was certainly blessed by the Lord working through me, which enabled me to write them.

Radically Free! Quenching the Flames

Power and Authority

Power is ability to act or produce an effect. Authority is freedom granted by one in authority, or by one in command.

My website His Love Shines: The Ministry for Christian Discovery records my spiritual journey. There, I minister in power, to act or produce an effect.

I am expanding my ministries beyond that here at this website Radically Free! Here, in addition to ministering in power, I intend to also minister in authority, offering the freedom granted by one in authority, or by one in command. That authority is derived from God granting me permission to direct His power specifically toward completing the mandate I believe He has instructed me to accept.

Necessary healing

There is a necessary healing of broken spirits that must take place to unite the Body of Christ and bring glory to the Kingdom of God. Broken spirits plague the world at large, church congregations, and the leadership of the church. But these people are as wounded animals, trapped, and conditioned to lash out at those called to assist them and ease their pain.

When facing a difficult task, we, as workers for Christ, must administer correction and guidance in a spirit of love of kindheartedness. We may be met with fear and retaliation from those we try to reach, as would be expected from wounded animals. However, we must not react to their hostilities with retribution or abandonment.

Admonishment is provided out of love and concern for their spiritual well being, to correct behaviors and lifestyles. But that correction is not enough. We must press on to also support and train them, so that each member moves forward from being merely compliant, to experiencing an abundant life as a vital, functioning component within the Body of Christ.

We must snatch others from the fire. These broken spirits must be unshackled from the spiritual chains and suffering that hold them prisoner. We must quench the flames. Only then will they truly be Radically Free! A Fascination For Life

I am using this site to present various aspects of life that are of interest or concern to me. The first specific issue is bipolar disorder.

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